Feeling like a Mad Scientist


I had a great day creating some wonderful blends that were quite helpful.  I have bursitis.  And for the past few days, it has been causing me quite a bit of pain.  I decided that I was going to create a blend that would reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain.  And it worked!!  I was so happy.  This is the blend that I put together:

  • Lavender         (Pain reducer)
  • Geranium        (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Copaiba            (Pain reduce and anti-inflammatory)

I used 2 drops of each in a roller ball.  I then added Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil. I then just rolled the oil onto the are that was inflamed and hurting.  Rubbed it in.  I did this 3 times spread out during the day.  Next day… no problems.  Yeah!

I also created a blend for a friend who suffers from depression.  I call it the Peace blend.  Because it will bring peace to this person and her family.

This blend consists of:

  • Frankincense     8   drops      (Sedative inducing a feeling of mental peace, relaxation.                                 Lowers anxiety, anger and stress.)
  • Lemon                 16 drops      (Calming.  Helps remove fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety                                                           and nervousness.
  • Geranium            8  drops       (Balances hormones, relieves stress and depression.

I put 6 drops of this blend into a roller ball with Almond Oil.  They can then roll this onto their pulse point (behind ears and wrists).  The scent should uplift their mood and calm them.  I did not user Lavender as this person does not like the smell of it.

I also put 6 drops into a personal  mister bottle for her to mist around her house, pillow, car, even on herself when she feels she needs it.  Next time, I will add a dispersant to the oils before adding them to the water mister.  This will help the oils mix with the water better.  For a spay/mister I would probably use a type of alcohol since it evaporates quickly leaving only the essential oil behind.