The whole truth and nothing but…

Because this blog is supposed to be about documenting a journey, then entire journey should be included.  Not just the exciting, or on point moments. But the whole ugly truth.  Since my journey is about eliminating the “junk” in my life and living more healthfully and purposefully, I am going to share every step, and yes mis-step in this journey.

I started out blazing like a fire last week only to smolder this week.  Life got super busy for me and social obligations put me in situations that derailed my healthy plans.

But with this crazyness, I learned more about myself and what I need to work on or improve in myself.  I need to learn to navigate these types of situations as this is life.

I learned that when placed in a situtation where a potluck is involved:

  • I can eat before I go, so the food won’t be as tempting
  • Bring something healthy for me to snack on
  • I need to remember modification is key.
  • Don’t be so hard on myself.  Improvement and not perfection wins the race.

Oh… and for those who are interested… my sourdough baby is still going strong after 5 days.  yeah.  I see some sourdough bread in my future.


Author: Lisa

Independent distributor for Young Living and mom trying to navigate through this crazy life.

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