Mad Scientist, part 2

Creating and experimenting is so much fun.  Changing your life for the better involves more than ditching chemicals and using essential oils.  It means changing all aspects of your life.  So I am taking baby steps to eliminate prepared store bought and packaged foods from my kitchen.

I am ditching the store bought bread, grinding my own wheat and culturing my own sourdough starter.  This starter will be made into lots of yummy baked goodies.

I am also growing my own sprouts.  Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses.  Adding cultured foods to your diet also helps re-balance gut bacteria.  It also makes foods more easily digestible.

This is my 3 day old sourdough starter and 3 day old sprouts.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of seeds that did not sprout.  I may need to get a new bag of seeds.

I started out using 1 cup of rye flour and 1 cup of water.  Each day I remove 1/2 of the starter and add 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water.  After the 4th day, you can switch to whole wheat flour if you want.  Fresh ground flour works best.  Do this for about 7 days.  After the 7th day, the starter is ready to use.  Store unused starter in the fridge.  Feed it 1 cup flour and 1 cup water weekly.



Author: Lisa

Independent distributor for Young Living and mom trying to navigate through this crazy life.

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